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Sh*t Who Am I Without My Job?

This one is really personal. For years- YEARS- I confounded who I was with what I did professionally. I was what I thought of as one of the lucky ones, someone who had found and created a professional life that dazzled me, delighted me, and where I did amazing work. I was outright in love with my job, until I wasn’t.

Now I spend a lot of my life dismantling some of the stories that put me in a trap of thinking what I did and who I was were inexorably linked.

I share the story of what happened, and how I started to untangle the mess with my friend and former student Maricella Herrera Avila on her amazing podcast. I’m so grateful she’s created a place where conversations like this happen.

I hope you’ll listen to her story, my story and all the other people she interviews …people like you who may have quit their job - even the ones they love - and are figuring out what might come next.

Listen to the full episode here.


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