Hi. I’m Nayla.

I live somewhere between ‘rigorous academic’ and ‘connected heart’, pretty much all the time. I’m a leadership development consultant and executive coach who work across industries. I help people and organizations do amazing work in the world.

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For over 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people and dozens of organizations align their foundational beliefs with their approach to leading.

We spend, on average, over 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Work can be rewarding, satisfying, thrilling and energizing. It can make us feel inspired, useful, optimistic and valued. It can also be disheartening, depressing, frustrating, and alienating. It can leave us feeling misunderstood, empty, unsatisfied.  

Looking for greater meaning in your work or your business? Unsure about your next professional step? Want to be the leader your team can thrive with? Want your company to do everything it can to support its emerging leaders?


I came into this program insecure about my ability to lead a team composed of peers with vastly different styles from each other and my own. Nayla provided me with a deeper understanding and confidence in myself as a leader. I’ve built more authentic relationships with colleagues and more confidently and proactively addressed the new challenges (and opportunities) that came my way.
— Ryan M., Finance Director