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Hi I'm Nayla.

I am an executive leadership coach, educator, facilitator, and co-host of The Inside Job Podcast. I have been exploring how we relate to work and grow as leaders for more than twenty years. 

​My work with clients is grounded in research, and led with heart. I believe in my clients, that we all deserve work that engages us and delivers excellence, and I believe in coaching as a process that can help each of us grow and change.

For fifteen years, I served as the Dean of Students at Columbia Business School, where I coached and taught thousands of students and co-founded the Leadership Lab, the clearinghouse for leadership activities for MBA and EMBA students.

​​My clients include individual leaders and teams across organizations and levels. I work with not-for-profits, schools & universities, startups, and Fortune 500 companies including Apple, American Express, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Takeda, Vista Equity Partners,, The Nature Conservancy, Colgate University, Royal Bank of Canada, Stripe, and ABC/Disney.

About Me

Featured In

Women In The Gig Economy: Dr. Nayla Bahri On How To Build Career Resilience

I talk with Diane Mulcahy, a pioneer in the idea of the gig economy, about how we can build career strength when times are tough or uncertain.

Personal Strengths Make Strategy Stronger

I spoke to Tara McMullin about how personal strengths affect and are affected by, work and life.

3 Things You May Accidentally Be Doing to Sabotage Your Job Search

I dropped in to talk with Lesley Jane Seymour on the Reinvent Yourself podcast about the inner work that might help you avoid the burnout of applying to 100 jobs on LinkedIn.

Meet Nayla Bahri | Leadership coach, podcaster, professor

I talked to ShoutOut Arizona about starting my coaching practice, my love of creating experiments that create change, and the people who helped me get where I am today.

Michele Lamoureux and I explored career freedom and reflected on the times we’ve felt stuck at work and had to redefine ourselves after long careers in one organization.

Career Freedom: The Good Life Coach Podcast


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