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Let’s get fear out of the driver’s seat

There is something you want. And maybe something holding you back. Any chance that the thing holding you back is fear?

We’re all held back by fear at some point - fear of not being enough, fear about being embarrassed in public or among people we care about, fear about getting it wrong, fear about falling down on the job.

I use a metaphor when talking with my clients about how fear gets in our way, encouraging them to picture a car moving in the direction of their dreams and the actions they want to take. Who’s driving that car? It just may be that we’re letting fear drive (or not drive - which is why we feel stalled!) Fear is determining our direction and our pace, and suddenly we’re off course.

The use of metaphor helps me and my clients visualize where they really want fear to be (hello, back seat!) and makes room for other forces like creativity, inspiration, curiosity, and joy.

Fear getting in the way of something you want? There’s another way to look at it. Let’s talk.


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