One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides partnership, support and accountability as you set bold goals for yourself, explore the big questions on your mind and in your heart, take an honest look at what’s really going on, and gain the insights and courage to take action. Improve your performance, accelerate your career, align how you work with how you want to contribute in the world.

Who I work with

My clients are professionals seeking or facing career disruption, looking to lead and work with greater meaning and effectiveness across industries and levels. Ready to put yourself out there with more confidence and clarity? Need support navigating complexity and change? Have a feeling you could be more powerful, more connected, more impactful at work? Let’s partner to create greater insight and clarity, generate new ideas and options, and take action that moves you in the direction that best suits your goals, desires and needs.

I partner with leaders, managers, individual contributors, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and all kinds of people doing their best work in the world. Clients include Apple, American Express, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, JP Morgan, Pfizer, the New York City MTA, Deloitte, Wells Fargo, Viacom, Colgate University, PwC, ABC/Disney and more.


Consulting and Advisory

Want engaged and productive employees? Invest in your leaders. I partner with organizations like yours to build leadership development and learning strategy and programs aligned with your company’s vision, mission and goals. Because I’m half nerd, these programs are rooted in the most recent best-practice research about leadership development and the skills and systems that underlie effective change. Because I’m all heart, these customized programs create high-trust, accelerated adult learning environments where your team will connect with the wisdom, expertise and strategies needed to be successful and impactful leaders.

Solutions include:

  • Career Development Approach and Program Design

  • Capability Building: Manager as Coach

  • Navigating Change

  • Empowering Employees to Design their Careers

  • Building Successful Workplace Partnerships

  • Women’s Leadership Development

Who I Work With

I’ve designed learning and development solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, healthcare networks, universities, start-ups and non-profits. Clients include News Corp, the City of New York, Jeffries, Curator Solutions, Ellevate, Jane Street Capital, Valley Health System, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Columbia University, Barnard College and more. Let’s put the power of experience-based learning, real insights and action plans to work helping your leaders grow.


Workshops and Programs

Participants walk away from my workshops with practical, actionable tools. If you’d like to help people gain more clarity about the work they do, improve their skills with performance and growth conversations, weather the regular storms of a workplace or claim and express their true value at work, let’s talk.  Here are titles of some workshops I’ve given in the past:

  • Giving (Useful and Honest) and Receiving (Openly) Feedback at Work

  • Making it Work at Work: What To Do When You and Your Job Are Having Relationship Trouble

  • Thriving After Career Disruption: The Five Practices of Successful Career Renewal

  • Making Your Work Transition Work for You

  • Better Conversations, Better Results: Effective Coaching Skills for Everyone

  • Leading Your Own Career

Contact me if you’d like an outside facilitator to visit your group.


I came into this program uncertain about my ability to lead a team composed of peers with vastly different styles from each other and my own. Nayla provided me with a deeper understanding and confidence in myself as a leader. I’ve built more authentic relationships with colleagues and more confidently and proactively addressed the new challenges (and opportunities) that came my way.
— Ryan M., Finance Director